Top Features To Consider For Your Bathroom Makeover

Top Features To Consider For Your Bathroom Makeover

The bathroom is one of those rooms in the house that you want to get right and maintain. For most people, when they enter the bathroom they want to look around, feel relaxed and let the troubles of the day just wash away.  If your bathroom makeover in denver, co doesn’t do that, then people will dread using the bathroom which is not your purpose.

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The color

Color plays a major role in our psyche.  Color will trigger different actions and reactions in our brain.  For example, red will cause us to stop or focus on anger.  Blues will cause us to stop and calm down, relax and feel at peace.  When picking colors for your bathroom you will notice a trend in the colors that you can pick for tile and other assets.


Once you have a color, you want to play off that color and use lighting to bring out the colors.  Lighting in most cases may be overlooked by most people.  In fact, lighting is overlooked so much, people either tend to under-do it or over-do it.  There seems to be no happy medium.

When looking at the lighting in your room, you want soft and warm lighting.  Harsh lighting should never be used in a bathroom.  If you do, nothing will look or feel good again.


What does your bathroom smell like?  One thing that most people never think of when working on their makeover is the smells.  When it comes to smells you can do simple things like candles, air fresheners and more.  Depending on the above criteria you can simulate different experiences by adding different smells to your rooms.

Make it your own

Finally, it has to be your space.  Don’t let others discourage you from doing what it is you want.  At the end of the day you have to want what you put in there and have a reason for it.  Look at others for inspiration but let your vision be your own.