Types of Partial Denture Repairs

Types of Partial Denture Repairs

Did you break your partial dentures? They may have fallen off, or you ate something hard, leading to the damage. Additionally, there are chances they have loosened up with time.

You might have come across several DIY ways to fix partial dentures, but they are only temporary. Here the different types of partial denture repairs you may have to take up according to your situation.

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Repairing Broken Clasps

Broken clasps lead to loosening and instability in dentures. In such a case, your dentist will replace the clip, adding a new one on the acrylic or cobalt chrome denture. However, in case the broken clasp does not hamper your comfort, you need not replace it.

Fixing the Fallen Tooth

In case your tooth comes off due to force or by chewing hard foods, you can get it fixed. Carry the tooth along with you to the dentist’s, and they will get it reattached in the lab. Alternatively, the technician can make an artificial tooth of the same shape and appearance to fit in your jaw.

Relining Partial Dentures

If your dentures loosen up over time, relining is the best option to enhance the fit. You can opt for relining if you have acrylic or cobalt chrome dentures. However, if you have flexi-dentures, they cannot be relined. If you are wondering how to repair dentures in Newport News, contacting a professional is the best choice.

Repairing A Fractured Denture

In case you drop your partial acrylic denture, it may develop a fracture. It may also happen due to a heavy bite, pressure, or wear due to fatigue. Your technician can easily repair the denture or add a metal strengthener if required.

In most cases, repairing a partial denture is possible and relatively simple. However, if you do not feel comfortable after the repair, you can opt for a replacement or a new denture.